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Chairman's Desk

It is certainly a great gratification to welcome you all to BStar corporate website.

As we all recognize, the speed of transform in our time is ever escalating. The permanent version is a challenge to today's humanity. To allow this confront, we need new set of ideologies with new tenders who are competent to change and adapt at the same pace as mankind.

We have seen an extraordinarily victorious year in the past, created milestone in the history of direct selling, crafted millionaires, satisfied numerous customers but at the end when we looked back we found ourselves empty handed just like that fruitful greenest tree which was left barren when every other thing was snatched and robbed by our owns.

Thanks to the collective efforts and dedication of friends and acquaintances, our company is all set with wings spread to fly and attain that incomplete journey called life.

Dear acquaintances, I am persuaded over the years, I have learnt things and so do surroundings and I have moved forward in fulfilling our basic strategic vision – to become an economically successful company, fully competitive statewide. The standard is set very high for 2021 and so on, which makes it even more of a challenging for us all. The main objective for future is to further increase the high demand in quality lifestyle and optimization of costs, make the best use of digitization and above all some signature products which is exclusive by an Indian for an Indian and then to for the outer world. I would like to thank all of you who have given me the moral support to stand me one more time to fight and finish the incomplete journey of triumph.

Best Wishes
P. Chandrakant More

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